About us

Hi, friends. If you need something unique for your home or office, or you want to make a great present to someone special, you have come to the right place.
We are woodworkers, but today’s life has brought us a few interesting ideas about the usage of vinyl and an acrylic fiber. All of these eco-friendly materials can be used for creating beautiful stuff for decorating and organizing your living space.
You can find a lot of wooden lanterns in different wood color variations and designs, wooden, vinyl, and acrylic clocks with led light to make the life more colorful. Also, there are a bunch of cool designs of docking stations to organize your stuff for daily needs and keep your cell phone always charged :)
All the materials are laser-cut, so you’ll get the item of a great quality with very accurate cutting lines. Our purpose is to make things beautiful and easy-to-use. We are very pleased to share our creations with you. So, would you like something unique? :)